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I currently have a pretty decent Home Theater set up in my basement. Since most of our time is spent in the living room (on the main level) I would like to add a system to that room as well.

I am not all that concerned with HT performance for the living room. My primary concern is for music, but I decided that since I was going to be adding speakers and an amp I might as well equip that room with a full surround system. But my primary concern is music. The system will also be used for watching DirecTV, and the occasional DVD. Serious movie watching will be done downstairs.

So, with a $4000 budget I need 5 speakers and a receiver or amp/preamp/decoder. I don't need a sub for this room, as I said serious movie watching will be done downstairs.

I want to use in-wall/in-ceiling speakers for the rear and am going for high end musical floor standing speakers for the front. Center channel will have to match those towers.

So I guess my major question is what tower's should I buy?

I remember listening to the B&W CDM NT 9s when I bought my 600s. So this is where I am going to start. I have heard nothing but rave reviews for the b&w Nautilus 804 so am hoping that the CDM NT 9s can approach these. Id rather not spend my entire budget on the two main speakers, so the 804s are out.

Okay so with that long intro I am going to turn it over to you guys. I am hoping to come away with 5 or 6 ideas and spend the next couple months doing the listening.


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