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Hello I am new here. I am 22 year old student/programmer from Finland.

At the moment my setup is:

Front: Wharfedale Diamond 122

Center: Wharfedale Diamond 102C

Subwoofer: Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) ASW610


TV: random 32"

Sound is good while listening music and wathing movies, but I am clearly missing something. That something is definitely surround/back speakers. Problem with those is my room which is completly asymmetric and have sloping ceiling. I made couple images to show it. I hope that you can understand my drawings.



Armchair is my main listening position. My head is 90cm(3 ft.) from floor and ~aproximately 3m(10ft.) ftom tv.

I have been thinking 3 different solutions:

1. Wharfedale Diamond 121 with stands. I could probably move bed and chair away from wall and place speakers near wall, 50cm behind

2. Wharfedale Diamond DFS. On bed side I could attach it to wall and another on backwall.

3. Klipsch RS-42 II Surround Speaker. 1 attached to wall on bed side and another on stand or table.

So I would like to hear your advices and ideas about my problem and I am open for other solutions and ideas too.

I am sorry if there is some typos in text. English is not my native language.

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Your drawings are great. Really helps to visualize the space.

Positioning the surround speakers on the side should be your best option. Angled placement in the corners seems to be out. You could place one speaker on top of or above the cabinet and the other directly across from it above your bed. Speakers should be 60cm above ear height relative to your listening position.

Mounting a regular bookshelf speaker like another Wharfedale Diamond 121 above your bed might be awkward. Something like a Klipsch RS or Paradigm ADP might be better suited. Naturally you could also move your furniture a little to accommodate the side wall placement. You can try that out before buying anything to see whether that would be acceptable. I would stay away from an asymmetrical or back wall placement.
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