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Its a pluglug hd 300, will it be fine for my ps4 and 51 1080p plasma tv.

Or do i need the pluglug hd 600 or 900?

Im under the impression that digital either works or doesnt? Correct?

Now what about motion? Will motion be affected by blur from this pluglug hd 300 compared to the pluglug hd 900?

Or is hdmi just hdmi as long as the cable is good?

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Yes this cable should be fine and the reviews are good on it:

(full link instead of part link)

Always read reviews as that should tell you what you need to know.

I'm not a fan of the heavy thick cables, so I would personally opt for this instead:

It's a few bucks more, but also very well reviewed and won't damage your connectors by excessive cable weight.
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