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I need JBL SCS 145.5 Ceiling Mounting Ideas

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Here is a short version of a long story. I was given the JBL Home Theatre 5.1 system for Christmas. Not what I wanted, but money is tight and I would like to have something instead of nothing. This system comes with 1 center channel that does not have to be mounted, and four satillites that do have to be mounted on the ceiling. My problem is related to mounting the speakers on the ceiling. JBL does not have ceiling mounts for it's satellite speakers. They supply wall mounts in their kit, but my home came prewired with the plastic cap inserts already in the ceiling. These cheap little speakers do not have threaded mounts. They have a post mount that goes into a rubber bushing within the back of the speaker.

I am a newbie, so I am open to all options. Maybe do it yourself mounts if there is not a universal one that would work?

I would hate to have to pay someone to move the connections to the wall. I live in a two story and the wire pull would be a freaking nightmare due to the manufactured beams running perpendicular with the original wire pull.

Can you all help a newbie?
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I was able to modify the wall bracket by drilling a hole in the middle of the bracket. I then purchased 5 universal mounts that mounted to the packaged wall mounts that came with the system. It looks a little dorky, but still a very clean solution.
Try looking here for what you need.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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