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I Need Some Advise On Picking Out Some Speakers For A Ht. Should I Go With Polkaudio?

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i have the polk cs2 center channel speaker. which front and rear speakers should i buy for a 5.1 system. i have a yamaha receiver 5850 model. the room is a 12 x 18 area. THIS WILL BE MY FIRST HT. THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP. :D
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What kind of budget do you have? These Polk Audio R-30s are on special at outpost. I have 5 of them in my current setup and they are hard to beat for what they cost. In HT its important to have the front three speakers match as close as possible for a seamless soundstage across the screen. They will match well with your CS2 center speaker. If you have a larger budget, then move up to the R-50s but they are not currently on special. Also, check the polk audio website, they indicate which speakers match which.

The R-15s make good surround speakers for the above type of HT setup. Wait till they go on special though for about 40 or 50 bucks a pair at outpost. I use R-30s all around because I have a priority for hi rez multichannel music.
The Continuing Saga of The Greatest Buy In Speakers Of All Time

Sep 30 '05 (Updated Oct 11 '05)

The Bottom Line A bargain is a bargain and perhaps the Polk R-30 Loudspeakers represent the greatest bargain of all time in audio reproduction! This was a Quote from opinions .com
The CS2 will match anything in the Polk Monitor line. It's the lower end of Polk, but sounds great on a limited budget.
I use a pair of Polk monitor 70's, and a pair of monitor 30's ( for rears), and a Klipch sub. Works great!
As others have stated, look into the monitor line to match your center. The R's are a great value but will not match your center.
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