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I need some help over here :(

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I need some help here regarding the live show of an event captured by any Movie Recorder or a web cam.

I am looking for a program which can send incomming video to another computer over internet, through which the other person can view the same video.

Actually i want to capture an event through a normal video recorder, which will be lively taken into my PC through a Tv-Tuner card. Here now i can view this video in my PC but i want to share it lively to another PC over internet. I dont want to save and then send the movie file, but i just want to show the video to another person over internet LIVELY!!, so the other person can enjoy the event LIVE.

Is this possible ??

I know it is possible, but i need to kno what i have to do for this ?? and what program i'll neeeed for this live recording and live transfering of video ??

Any Help and suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and await,

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Come on guys!!!

No Response!! :O

It sounds like what you want to do is stream video from your computer. Here is a link to get you started:

Or failing that, post this in the HTPC forum.
I would think any of the standard video conferencing apps could do this like M$ Net Meeting.
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