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I need Wireless Surround Speakers

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I just moved into a new home ... and the family room where my wife's TV will be setup was not setup for surround sound at all.

Rather than running the wires under carpet and then having them exposed at the rear of the speakers where the "grandkids" might be tempted to make a mess of them, I am wondering if any "wireless" speakers have matured to the point where they are worth considering.

So far I have only found the Sony DAV-FR10W with wireless surrounds, with this system you have to use their receiver, DVD, etc.

It seems in years gone by every discussion I have seen on wireless speakers, those of you "in the know" have not been very impressed.

Has anything changed?

Are there any wireless surrounds worth considering?

These do not have to be perfect as this system will be secondary to the main theater.

Thanks for your time and advice,

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Nothing's changed. Yet. All the new "wireless" speakers are mediocre, afaik.

How will you power the wireless speakers? They have to be connected to some power source.


I am using a Denon 1801 in the family room... that is what I would be using for the speakers.

No, I meant electrically.

The speaker wires coming from the amp do two things, they transmit the signal and electrically drive the speaker.

When you have wireless speakers the sound signal is sent wirelessly, but the speakers still need an amplifier to power them. This uses electricity and will be either batteries or a wire.

Kenwood RFU-6100 Wireless 2-channel audio transmitter/amplifier system. Available from Crutchfield, among other places. You use your own speakers.
2 channels for surround???

Ah..... Seth I see what you mean.......

I would have to run electrical power to the speakers and that might undo what I had in mind.... as far as keeping wires away from the grandkids...

Thanks I had not thought about that part....


besides, wireless speakers sound almost as bad as a cordless phone.... kraaaap!
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