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I want to buy a new pc Mostly for listening to musci, what configuration would be enough?

Also, i want to buy 2 speakers with (10'', 4'' and 1'' speakers on it) like this:
(around 150$)

i will buy amlifier(150$ around) for them and connect the amlifier to the external sound card(80$).

and i will buy a subwoofer 12'' with bulit-in amlifier(150$)
and connect it directly to the sound card, so i can use the subwoofer only for bass and speakers only for medium and highs,so that will be 2 channel or what??? cos i see on sound card spetification says on 2 channel is 24 bit 96khz and for suround is 18 bit, i want to be 24 bit

and how to set up the equilizers on pc and amlifer to get the speakers only for medium and highs, and subw. for bass

or should i get cd or dvd player(with usb, and external hdd?) instead of sound card wich would have better (clear, power) sound in price range of 80$

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