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I/OMagic PVR Dumb Question

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I want to use my IOMagic PVR card to get footage off my old video camera onto the computer. The video camera has the standard audio out (yellow), and a single connector (white) for the Audio. How do I get the audio working? My sound card doesn't have the right type of connection - do they make a converter to go from the RCA type audio to the little ones the sound card takes (like a PC microphone size)? Also - do I feed the audio into the sound card or into the IOMagic?


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Radio Shack sells the cable you are looking for. I think the cable you are looking for converts din to rca. Your audio input is either going to be through your sound card OR your capture card depending on your settings. I would start with just trying one and then the other. Chances are one will work.
I would go to radio shack, or the wiz/best buy and see if you can find an adapter. You are speaking of a mini 1/8' stereo jack on your sound card (I think) and you have a mono RCA jack on your camcorder (or is the wire attached). You should be able to find one. If not you could use a cable that has 1/8' stereo jack two two rca jacks >> attach that to a y adapter which you wouold attach to the cable coming from your camcorder. But I think the adapter would be easier.

I believe with Power VCR you would be able to record in mono. and that would mean that if you use the adapter you will have sound in both speakers. If you use the second method, you will have sound in both speakers regardless.

Or if you know how to connect your camcorder to your VCR, just connect the VCR to your sound card if that appears easier.

The IO Magic doesn't accept sound from anything but cable TV. Any others have to be run through the sound card. Just make sure you set the audio and video input settings to the right ones. Try it out a couple of times to make sure you are actually recording a sound.

I hope that helps. I have family in Martinsville and Middlesex, not more than 20 minutes away probably. Have a good one.
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