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I have a media cabinet in my room including:

Motorola DCH3416 (comcast)

Sony Str-DG800

Apple TV

HTPC (MSI Media Live connecting via HDMI)

Xbox 360


Xantech ir block (4 emitters)


activehome USB x10 controller (controlling 5 lamps via simple lamp modules)

I have a USB powered mimo UM-740, touchscreen. It is connected to my other desktop

My goal is to use this as a remote with some sort of simple GUI, similar to a harmony type thing with activities. I would like to be able to easily select through my tv serieses, movies etc.. (Not really into music, all that is simply through the apple tv). I dont think i could use CQC, not really into programming...

I have looked at girder/netremote but am really confused about getting the interface to work. I am sort of interested in mainlobby but couldnt figure it out through the trial.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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