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I see nothing has changed

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Let's see. Eight months since my heart attack, and I've spent precious little time thinking about DIY screens and AVS.

So it's a chilly Sunday morning and I drop by to see what the state of the art is. No cure for cancer posted here yet, but a few interesting developments.

And the usual "threads closed by the great overseer". Seems like the same pattern. Somebody posts a question or comment. Maurice replies. Bruce, or some other ever-tolerant individual, leaps up to challenge Maurice. Alan posts a warning. A few more posts. THREAD CLOSED.

It just hit me, why some people spend so much time here. They can't listen to the radio or watch the TV - because people on radio and TV ACTUALLY MAKE MONEY DOING WHAT THEY'RE DOING! It's totally an anti-profit motive.

Can't watch auto racing or football - they do that for profit! Can't watch "This Old House" reruns, because Bob Vila shills for Sears. "Extreme Home Makeover"? Nope, Ty is selling a book.

And nobody who makes money at something can have an opinion or be allowed to have input. Must silence the miscreants! Death to the profiteers.

This place remains 25% useful information and 75% Groundhog Day.
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psennett, I think your looking at things backwards.

I think a little introspection may be in order.

The only attempts at controlling what is said and done here have been made by your "buddy". No one here is against anyone profiting from what they learn here. What is objectionable is when they try to take sole credit for the collaborative developments here and then misuse patent law and make threats to shutdown any further open collaboration and experimentation.

Here is a link to a forum that is one sided enough to meet with your approval. :p

You can be sure "that" forum will be very commercial in nature. Don't expect any useful technical information that might lead to understanding, unless your idea of understanding is knowing prices and how to place an order.

In the past couple of months extraordinary efforts have been made to allow and encourage input from both MississippMan and pb_maxxx. You do yourself a great disservice jumping in at this point and suggesting nothing has changed. There have been some unfortunate events in the last few days that have resulted in MM probably being banned from this DIY Screen forum. The only person responsible for this is HE himself. HE wasted a great opportunity to establish himself as an advocate of DIY and a screen paint supplier willing to freely disseminate application advice and wisdom. Establishing that sort of reputation would no doubt have lead to many sales of his products. His response was to make empty promises and then try to gag one of his most credible supporters who was only seeking knowledge for it's own sake. I have bent over backwards trying to smooth things over and give MM an opportunity to participate here in a positive way. I take great issue with your comments.

Just provide one link to any post by MM or pb_maxxx where they have attempted to demonstrate the RGB theory in as clear terms as this:

Take a look at the DeltaMoon Screen Paint Mix Development thread. This was an overt attempt to give both MM and pb_maxxx a place in this forum to discuss the theory behind their efforts and products in a discrete manner. This would no doubt have lead to countless pms requesting commercial info from them. Another opportunity thrown away in favour of disinformation, disruption, and coercion.

Take some time and read the RGB Paint Mix Experiments & Discussion thread and then tell me nothing has really changed.

Things have changed a great deal. You just have not done enough catching up yet.
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 Commercial Screen Paints

I hope they take advantage of this opportunity to demonstrate to potential customers that they are willing to provide useful application advice.
psennett is this the 25% or the 75%?

If a commercial vendor was to come in here and offer tips with no bias towards their product that would be great. All Alan did was give a warning not to take it in that direction like had been done so many times before.
Originally Posted by AVS Forum Rules
Are you a Dealer/Retail/Trunk Slammer or Installer of HT products.

No mentioning of sales. Do not play the game, I have this projector coming in this week or sitting in inventory. Or I have this hanging in my store. This lets people know you are a dealer in a about face way which translates to sales. Do not post a signature promoting your business.
I found it interesting that you feel nothing has changed when just about everyone is saying they think there is a major change in here. There will never be a 'cure for cancer' screen that performs at the 100% level in all conditions. Even commercial screens don't live up to those expectations. There are however some excellent new ideas in here and finally things are being backed up with actual data and testing and not just someone saying they have the best solution out there.

This thread really serves no purpose and has the finesse and feeling of a drive by shooting...
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I do not think the author is aware of recent events other wise he would not be making this post.

Just for the record I have ask MM to call me next week so we can talk in person. I have never spoken to him and sometimes a lot more can be gained a few minutes on the phone then writing back and forth over a months time. Maybe I am missing something so I am willing to let him plead his case and he can hear where Im coming from.

This thread is now closed.


Thank you
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