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ok, little white lie in that subject.

I had planned on picking up a Panasonic 53" PT54x53 (i believe that's

the model #) tonight (their new silver model). Picture was great, etc, etc..

however.. sitting next to it was a 57" Sony.

The sony was horrid looking - but the size comparison got me thinking..

the 57" was the only way to fly.

So another highly rated TV here is the Toshiba 57H84. Now I had seen

this previously when shopping for my LCD RPTV a month ago. Had a

nice picture, etc, so you guys are spot on.

They just didn't have one on the floor today.. but had them ready for

deliverly. So I ordered, comes sunday.

Got sears PM one of the other local retailers whose website had it

$200 cheaper and got them to toss in free in house delivery (sears

wants $50 for this). They didn't even ask for a print out of the ad or

check, btw..

Anyhow. The one thing I recall about this TV - just scanned the official

"xh84/83" thread is the protective screen being really reflective. Not a

big problem since the room is pretty dark, but is this removable? or


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