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I have a 19' square media room (yes I know the problems with squares). Roughly half is devoted to my theater, 19 by 10 or 11.

The final layout will have the an L sectional that will go against back wall and in corner on riser (overflow seating), a recliner sofa for the front row. So in effect I'm right against the right side wall with the arm of the sofa and the return of the sectional. The long side of sectional is against the back wall. I'm not concerned with the boomy back row against the wall. I'll have some treatments and can turn off sub if it is and issue.

The issue...surround speaker placement. We already had the sectional so to start I removed the corner and made a straight couch out of it and placed it where the front row will go and ran 5.1 (still need to purchase the front row, so that can change). I wanted to make sure my distances were good and such. My original plan was to place rear speakers (7.1) on the back wall. I have since learned these are too close to work correctly for a 2nd row of seating. So I should go with 5.1 and maybe add heights (10' ceilings). But working from the original 7.1 plan I placed the side surround at 7.5' feet high and between the 2 rows. Effectively up and behind the head of the person sitting the right seat of the front sofa. The left side surround is on the far wall, mirrored 19 feet away, so one is super close the other far. Delays and levels left to correct it. This made sense if I had rears, I was depending no them to draw the soundstage rearwards for the 2nd row. Without rears the rear sounds are routed to the surround which are in front of the 2nd row and to the sides.

I'm looking for options but this is what I have so far:

1-leave it as is (5.1) with surround speakers in front of back row and skip rears entirely. If 2nd row doesn't liek sound turn off surround.

2-With the corner of the sectional in place I can't move it off the back wall or the return will hit the front row. So I remove the corner and make it a straight sofa. Then move it 18" off wall and use some high dispearsion speakers (Cambridge Minx 21?) for the rears.

3-keep planned sofa layout but move surrounds. One in corner of room, one mounted on back wall, both aimed at center of front row. That waysurrounds are more effective for back row. The issue here is I'll have sonic voids to the sides of the front row, in particular on the right where I'm against a wall. There is no option to install wides to fill it.

Other more ideas considered...mount surround speaker on ceiling and reflect on right side wall. Use sectional in front...not a big fan as I want a recliner for my throne.


My components: Pioneer SC1323, 5 NHT VS-2.4 speakers, velodyne sub, 5 NHT super zeros can be used for rear, heights whatever.

Room detail: almost perfect square, ceiling is 10' but walls are 8' then vault at 45 degree angle until actual horizontal ceiling is reached.
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