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To note I did go to a radio shack again and at least this time they had power on to the Accurian...AND had a Boston Acoustics next to it....AND some actual promotional material near it...

The problem being no antenna connected...now I can't blame them for not doing it because the idea of getting reception within a mall is pretty slim...

But still better i found a AM HD station and told them that they weren't listed on the hdradio.com site...due to I think my confirmation they told iBiquity and they are now listed (I had the radio installed saturday...emailed them sunday and got a reply monday...tuesday it's listed.

So please don't think that the lists are complete...if you find something that's not listed please contact the broadcaster that you can receive reception...the more the better as more people will buy the radios if they have more stations... If I can find just one am one in half a week and get it listed I'm sure that there's other stations out there that aren't listed as well...
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