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I want Black! Help me

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I've been reading alot of posts recently that comment alot about black levels. Up to this point I've figured I have pretty good blacks with my Sony 1270 and Radeon 7500/Ravisient/ZP combo. I've displayed a 7.5 ire pattern with Avia and.....its not really black, there's still quite a bit of light. I have my brightness(48) and contrast (40) faily low and have ajusted my G2 as per intsructions found here. Is this a HTPC problem? I've tried playing with the 7.5 ire fix for radeons in zoom player but things go grey when I do this. I'm hoping it just my overlay settings. Am I correct? How do I fix my problem?

Dont get me wrong, it's not dlp grey or anything that severe....sorry, couldnt help my self
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Edit: Note to newbies who may read this.. This proceedure will alter greyscale so if your greyscale is good or if your sets been calibrated you may not want to do this.

If you turn on the projector without input and you still have light output from the projector then I don't think your overlay settings are the cause of all the problems.

I went through the same problems. My solution for now is...

I reset Brightness, Contrast, Bias, and Gain.

I set the clamp setting to HV or something like that it's the 3rd option in the menu

I disabled AKB.

I set up the black level of each color with the internal Pludge pattern. (I think you have already done this, you know the bias test pattern)

I set the black level for the HTPC using AVIA.

Note-I did not re-enable AKB.

Now when the screen is black I can't see my hand in front of my face. The room goes to pitch black. I really like this set up. I like opening credits that fade in and out of total darkness. Maybe I'm just strange.

I got really nice color too. I haven't even checked it with the Avia screens but the color and focus are really nice now.

One other time in the past I displayed the AVIA crossed steps pattern and just setup greyscale by eye with the projector at defaults and using only the G2's. This is perhaps crazy but the result was nice. I would never pretend it was calibrated correctly but it was a agreeable pic.


p.s. I am using the Radeon settings for 0 IRE in zoomplayer by the way.
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Brian, you're the king!

I've been wondering about disabling AKB, thanks for the methodology. I'll try it out.

Now if the freaking sun would just set, I could get this done. 50 days until I take posetion of my HT....umm, I mean house!

Thanks again,

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Not only will the sun set soon, but we are going to get snow for the week-end. An excuse to play indoors and not do the yard work.

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