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I want to recreate my childhood movie experience and to do this I have bought various DVD and Blu-Ray discs and from these I want to create a 'Master' BLU-RY with the following features burnt onto it:

  1. Pearl and Dean adverts from the 1950/1960
  2. Movietone News - 1958 - Resume of the Year
  3. Part one of a serial - Radar Men from the Moon
  4. Then a Main Feature Film like - Interstellar..
I have the discs and I just want some guidance from anyone who has used Blu-Ray burning software to produce a new Blu-Ray with all these features properly encoded for 1080P using Adobe Premier CS6 or other similar software?

The reason for wanting to do this is that I dont want to have to get up and down to change and search for the items above. I just want to play a single disc without having to touch anything till the end?

Anyone got any ideas
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