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I want to go on the HT Cruise but need a cabin mate!!!

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Just this week alone Cherie, the HT Cruise travel agent, has had three calls from members looking to book by themselves. The issue is...cabins are based on double occupancy thus the cost is high.

Two of the members asked if their was a "partner" waiting list. Well...their is not. However...if you are looking to attend and need a cabin mate...Please use this thread to try to request one.

Now remember...The cabins are not like hotel rooms in size. :) Suggest contacting each other via PM or e-mail and then talking about it over the phone.

Hope this thread helps some members to be able to attend!!!

More info on the even can be found here.... http://www.htcruise.com
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Ok I have an extremely rare condition. The doctor says I am deathly alergic to go bloats. This is something commonly carried by males only.

Seeing as I need a Cabin mate it is extremely important I follow my Doctors prescription and bunk with a few female cabin mates.

This is for therapeutic reasons only of course.
Too bad Alan, I'd bet that unlike most all other cruises, this one is booked by nearly ALL males except for the wives of couples. Better look for another cruise where you'll find plenty of RWFLFDMH who were recently divorced or widowed.

(Rich White Female Looking For Desperate Male Hunks)

Hey! you started this and 'you da boss' so don't get on my case about this post! LOL

I may need someone to accompany me. I need to confirm first, however, so I will be posting within the next week or two, but you can send me a PM right now if you wish.
To anyone reading...So you know...Mark has booked and has a cabin...Just looking for someone to maybe slipt the cost if needed. So...the cabin has been secured at this point.

Oh...as a plus...it does not matter if you snore. ;) (Mark is deaf for those that do not know.)
Mark is the spot still available? If not is anyone else looking to share a cabin? Please let me know.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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