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FS: i1Pro Rev D Spectro - Mint Condition - With Tripod Mount

Hi guys,

selling a mint condition i1pro Rev D spectro (EFI ES-1000 Non-UV / UV Cut). Comes with carrying case, all original accessories, 6ft USB cable, tripod mount (see images) and X-Rite certificate.

This is Rev D of the i1Pro and the most accurate version of the meter. This is the one u want to get.

The direct contact mount has been modified, replacing the original shorter strip with a long measure tape so that u can use the mount on screens of all sizes. The original black strip is included. See images for details.

The spectro was ONLY used to profile colorimeters, so the total usage on the lamp is very, very low.

Price: SOLD

Item is located in Los Angeles, CA. Local Pick-up possible.


- M


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