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IB sub setup?

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I have read various threads on how to build the IB box & etc, but being very new to this idea, how does it work compared to box/cylinder subs? I have read about various drivers and amps that can be purchased for this DIY project and it seems more affordable than real high end sub setups. If quality drivers and amps are used, would this sound more accurate and have better low end extension than a box sub costing roughly as much?

My father is a builder and will be building a new home this coming year, this is why I am asking these questions. For example, If he were to follow the guidelines on building an IB sub using 2 15" adire or AE drivers(or anything similar) and a plate amp all costing about $1000, would it outperform a box sub in that price bracket?

Also, what would be the best drivers in the 12-15" range costing roughly $300-$400 and an amp that could power both costing around $400 I could use for the IB?

I know a lot of my questions are broad and tough to determine based on many unknown factors, but I am just trying to get a "general" answer.


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There is a FAQ and generic install info here: http://ibsubwoofers.proboards51.com/index.cgi

Yes, accuracy and extension are IB's strongsuits.

Spend some time at the Cult website, most of your questions will be answered there. Carl
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