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I have the opportunity to obtain a Core 2 Duo PC that I can use as my new HTPC.

It is an IBM M55 model whose specs are here:


If anyone is familiar with this model, or using it as an htpc, could you please help me answer some questions:

1. Does it fit the bill for using CoreAVC for h.264 material? Mainly for high bitrate downloaded files, rather than HDDVDs, as I have an Xbox 360.

2. Anyone know what the type/model number is on the motherboard in this M55?

3. Does it have an optical sp/dif header that I could attach an optical adapter to and use? I have an Audigy2 ZS Platinum soundblaster card that has an optical out, but would rather not use it if this motherboard has an optical header.

4. Does the integrated graphics card in it do VMR9?

5. What is the maximum expandable CPU you can swap into this PC?

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I'd also like to know if it will accomodate a 7600GT in a desktop case:

Processor (CPU): Intel® Core 2 Duo E6300 Processor

Processor internal clock speed: 1860MHz

Planar clock speed: 1 GHz

Number of processors std/max: 1

Processor manufacturer: Intel

BIOS type: Flash ROM

Memory (RAM) std/max: 1024MB/ 4096MB

RAM speed: 667MHz

Alloy: Gold

Optional RAM configuration: 256:512:1024:2048MB DIMMs

RAM type: PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM

RAM slots total (available): 2 DIMM (1)

Number of installed hard disks: 1

Hard disk size: 80GB

Hard disk controller: Integrated Serial ATA

Hard disk type: Serial ATA

Hard disk average seek time: 12 ms

Average latency: 4.7 ms

Cache size: 8 MB

Number of platters 1

Platter RPM: 7200

Burst transfer rate: 150MBps

CD-ROM speed:

CD-ROM interface type: SATA

CD-ROM average access time: 120 ms

CD-ROM transport type: Front tray loading

Recordable: No

Removable: No

DVD Speed: DVD-ROM 16X Max

Graphics chipset: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3000

Graphics type: XGA

Video RAM std/max: --/ --

Video RAM type: DVMT

Max resolution (with std video RAM) NI: 2048x1536 16777216 colors

Max resolution (with max video RAM) NI: 2048x1536 16777216 colors

Max colors (with std video RAM): 16777216

Max colors (with max video RAM): 16777216

Graphics bus interface: PCI Express

Audio chipset make & model: ADI 1983 HD

Audio data width: 16

Slots total (free) and type: 1(1) PCI Express 1X Full height, 1(1) PCI Full height

3.5 bays - accessible (free) and height: 1(1) SL

3.5 bays - not accessible (free) and height: 1(0) SL

5.25 bays - accessible (free) and height: 1(0) HH

Plug and play support: Yes

Parallel ports (type): 1 Parallel

Serial ports (type): 1 Serial

Expansion ports: External Display (VGA), External Microphone / Line in (back), External Microphone / Line in (front), Headphone / Line out (back), Headphone / Line out (front), RJ-45, 8 USB 2.0 (2 front, 6 back)

Network interface: Gigabit Ethernet- Integrated

Network speed: 1000Mbps,100Mbps,10M
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