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Well, this could have been a good movie. It started off pretty solid; scientists find a crashed aircraft (vaguely reminiscent of The Thing), mixed in with Nazi experimentation, and an interesting premise. Unfortunately, it goes downhill from there, ultimately disintegrating to a remarkably straightforward plot, that does nothing to build off of the opening 15 minutes.

The acting is just OK, with a wasted Michael Ironside. Dominic Purcell comes across as kind of a cross between Gregory Peck and Steven Segal, showing some potential if given better material to work with. The other roles are all rather bland and unmemorable. This script is peppered with a couple of good lines, but it's not enough to help pull it out of it's remarkable mediocrity.

The whole affair comes across as a bad TV movie, with small-scale action scenes, set pieces, and scope of vision. This may be due to director Sturla Gunnarsson's background, which almost entirely in the TV realm, or maybe Gunnarsson was chosen for being able to produce content on a small budget. In either case, he's turned in a very small film, lacking in depth, character, and interest, squandering the germ that was at the heart of the story.

Not recommended, even as a rental.

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