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ID Poll, and Advice

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I would like some advice and maybe a poll on ID speaker manufacturer/sales on the usual suspects;

AV123, Axiom, Aperion, eD

Did the speakers live up to your expectations, or not? Good Buy? Still happy with them? Love em r loath them?

My reason for asking, I hear you cry. Well I have a predicament, I have around 1K5USD before I return to the UK in March. I want to take the opportunity to of the current exchange rate and get want I feel will be the biggest bang for my buck' in terms of a 5.1 setup. Unfortunately, I have no AVR at present to utilize the home demo offers. Furthermore, I have no idea of my future room dimensions! Other than I can guess as equivalent to a medium sized US apartment. I feel that all the ID companies product specs are pretty much similar in comparison, and meet my requirement that I shouldn't have to upgrade for several years.

I can obviously audition others; Paradigm, Polk, Def Tech etc, but I will have to account for tax etc.

I am taking a large gamble on this?

Should I select speakers based upon my auditions only?

Should I hangfire, and wait into I return to UK and audition? Bare in mind that my disposable income will be approx. 750GBP (exchange rate and things are more expensive!)

Questions, Quenstions!!!! Apologies for the long waffle
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I looked at a few brands before my purchase. Some in store, some at friends homes and at my home. The room everything went into is about 14X20, average size. I went with Aperion. Not a moment of regret. Every time I turn on the TV I still smile.
+1 AV123. They are going to give you the most bang for the buck.
Check Salk Sound (Song Towers) and Aperion.
Anybody who recommends a brand is daft. You need to focus on specific speakers; some perform better than others in a line or from a brand. To do that, you need to be a little clearer about what you need. If it's an apartment, floor standing speakers might not be the thing.

And you have to listen to them. One option - You can pick up a decent receiver for $100 or so on clearance, if you get a model without HDMI that's being closed out. Resell it on craigslist.org before you go.

AV123 might not be able to get you stock before you go; be sure with any of the sources it's in stock.

The other option is to try some of the clearance on discontinued lines - NHT, Polk, Boston Acoustics are all clearing out old lines.

I assume someone else is paying the freight back once you join the poms again?

PS, there are several compact speakers mentioned in this thread that are worth a look ... PSB, Paradigm, Dana, Usher - lots of comments in this forum and reviews on the web:
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I am not asking for recommendations per se, just if peoples expectations were met.

The reference to an apartment was merely related to potential floor space.

You do make a good point about buying a cheap Amp.

Yes, I am not paying for shipping
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