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2 parts, 1 is the first idea, 2 is the refined idea.

part 1

They have the same image for a bunch of hologram technologies, green or red and crude graphics.

What I think would be cool is if there was a string that carries a wave up and down the string, like a yoyo the wave would go up and down at mhz range or speed.
And the wave would be colored by a corresponding light frequency that when the light frequency shines on, the wave also shines a certain color.

Then this could theoretically blink colors onto the wave and I imagine do this to look like a LCD pixel display.

I drew a picture of my idea

part 2

About my hologram idea again.

There is a tube carrying a substance up and down the tube, like a pea blown out of a straw.

This pea in the straw has a equality to it's position = to a red, green, blue, light shining on it.
So for each position it is shone on 3 times, once by three light sources.

The way the pea converts this light source to red, green, blue, is the light shining on it isn't red, green, blue, and the pea isn't either, but together they convert into a red, green, or blue color. So they combine into the red, green, blue color, by changing the way the pea receives the color being shone on it.

I imagine there is some electricity in the tune that can change the pea to be receptive to the light shining on it to change the color of the pea.

Maybe the pea is static and there are a bunch of peas in the tube, and each pea consists of red, green, blue tubes, and the catalyst turns off the other two colors and lets the light shine up the turns on tube so you get color from the turned on tube but not the turned off tube.

The straws would be in an area arrangement, and not a perimeter arrangement, so the straws in the middle of the area can be seen relative to the straws on the outer part of the area to form a 3d shape inside the are from the way the straws light up with color.

This would work just like a regular tv but by volumetric or holographic, but you still couldn't pass your hand through it like a ghost.

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