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Idea/Question...2 systems split screen?

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So I am building out the home theater...and have a question/idea and don't know if it is possible and if it is what I need.

I have a PS2 and a Gamecube, and I figure there is plenty of real estate on my screen for 2 games. Hell my TV right now is smaller than half of my new PJ screen, so they both would be about 50 inches...

Is there a box that you could hook up both machines to, and it would output through a receiver as a split video image, one side the game cube the other the PS2. I know audio would be an issue, and I would assume I just choose one to have audio on and the other to be silent, as with any PinP type system. And perhaps if I didnt have both machines on at the same time I could make one full screen...

If this is possible what would I need, what type of box, does such a box exist? I would go with full S-video and component if I could but if it just did RCA that would be fine too.
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Not sure exactly what your asking for but when I was in a real pinch once I hooked up two XBoxs to my TV using composite connections and split screened (picture out of picture - available on Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba RPTVs) the two inputs. Then we played 4 players on each box so the TV screen was split into eight screens.

It was fun for a bit but we only hooked it up because we were waiting for a buddy to come over with his projector for the other four people to play on.
I was fooling around with my Sharp Aquos 32" the other day and hooked up my Xbox to one side and my PS2 to the other side of the screen and had both on split-screen at the same time. Not very useful, I just wanted to see what it looked like. I'm assuming you don't have a side-by-side option on your TV.

Do a google search for "Synchromaster Dual View". It should be the first match. Is this kinda what you're talking about? If your TV can't do it, maybe this is the answer. I have no personal experience with the dual view hardware.
As Harlanpepper notes, I think the answer to the original question is that the TV usually handles the split-screen. It's certainly possible to hook two different consoles (or two of the same) to two different video inputs of the TV and then split-screen them (or PIP them). You may only be able to have one of them in HD, depending on the limitations of the HDTV, but this would certainly get the video of both on the screen at once without having to use a special external box.
The reason I am asking for an external box is becuase the plan is to go from 2 game units, to the box, to a projector, which I do not believe most projectors have this feature, if they do, then I guess it would not matter, and I could just use the PJ.

Thanks for the link to the DIDO ill check it out.
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