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I am looking for the ideal Blu Ray Playback solution. I currently have MyMovies3 (MM3) and TotalMediaTheater3 (TMT3) running on Win 7 x64, but I have run into a few quirks. I normally rip the entire BR structure to my HD. Below are some of the issues I have:

- If I start a BR movie from MM3, it fires up TMT3 and plays the movie. The issue is that I am not getting full 5.1 sound
At least for DTS encoded movies. If I start the movie from TMT3, then I get the full 5.1 sound track. Am I missing a switch somewhere? Or is this a limitation of the TMT3 sw that is started from Media Center (I know the standalone and the Media Center are two different TMT3 sw packages). BTW I have not found a way to get TMT3 to show what audio track it is playing when it is started from Media Center...can anyone else do this?

- I also played with extracting the BR disks to just a TS stream in order to reduce disk space consumption. This has the negative side effect that TMT3 will not play a TS file from Media center (again it will play it just fine in standalone mode). Now Win7 can play a TS file, however if the Audio track is DTS, then no audio
I have also noticed that Media Center does not play the 264 video as smoothly as TMT3...I am guessing that the Media Center does not take advantage of HW acceleration.

- I have tried downconverting the DTS audio to AC3 and wrapping it in a MKV container. This works ok, but Media Center still has a hard time with the video 264 stream. If I compress the video stream too, then Media Center does a better job, but I am loosing quality

So currently for BRs, I am firing up TMT3 standalone and manually selecting the folder
Thus defeating the primary reason for running MM3. Does anyone have any better ideas for playing BR from MM3 or Media Center?

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