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Ideal display calibration for my 2 HDTVs

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Hi all!

Can anybody help me to set up the ideal display calibration on my Sony projection HDTV KDF-55E2000 and my Samsung LCD Series 5 550 Model #LN32A550P3F???

Thanks for the help

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The ideal calibration involves test equipment and the knowledge to use the gear to calibrate the TV.

If you don't want to put in the time to get the knowledge ... then you find a professional to do it for you.

Less ideal calibration can come from a Test disc ($20 to $25) with the appropriate test patterns and you following directions.

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Available home theater setup and calibration discs that include tutorial information, in order of complexity:

'HDTV Calibration Wizard'- Monster/ISF

'Sound&Vision Home Theater Tune-UP- Sound&Vision Magazine

'Avia Guide To Home Theater'- Ovation Multimedia

'Avia II Guide To Home Theater'- "

'Digital Video Essentials'- Joe Kane Productions

'DVE: HD Basics' (BD & HD DVD)- JKP

'Avia Pro' (SD DVD only)

'DVE Pro' (SD DVD and WMV HD)

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Originally Posted by speez /forum/post/15391695

Hi all!

Can anybody help me to set up the ideal display calibration on my Sony projection HDTV KDF-55E2000 and my Samsung LCD Series 5 550 Model #LN32A550P3F???

Thanks for the help


What are you asking? You want somebody to teach you how to calibrate these TVs with a meter and calibration software? Or you are just looking for User Menu control settings that other people are using so you can copy those without having to learn anything about how the controls work and what settings work best for your TVs? Or are you willing to purchase a test/setup disc and use it to determine the best settings for your video displays?

If you are looking for settings to copy, go to the Video Display threads, then find threads specifically for the video display models you own. Almost all of them have lists of settings that people think are working well for them, but many times these are just eyeball settings not backed up with any measurements so they may or may not help. And copying settings from one display to another doesn't work particularly well since most displays need "custom" settings to look their best.

If you really want to learn about real calibration - where you use a meter and software and test patterns - look in this section of threads for "Calibration For Dummies" and teach yourself about calibration with an instrument and software. The title isn't an insult, somebody just decided to name it that.

Most of the test/setup discs walk you through the process explaining how to use various patterns to adjust User Menu controls. Some DVDs have the THX Optimizer on them that walks you through basic settings without having to buy another disc. The Wall-e Blu-ray disc also has setup patterns on it for basic controls (actually it's a little more complete than the THX Optimizer on DVDs from the look of the menu, I haven't opened it up yet to see what's there).

Many professional calibrators will discount their fee to calibrate the second TV in your home at the same time the first TV is calibrated, so it can make getting both TVs professionally calibrated a bit more reasonable. You can find professional calibrators at www.isfforum.com look for the Locate a Calibrator link in the left hand column of the home page.
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