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"Dream mode on".

Tactical development:

- keep DTV subs with their existing antenna setup

- dump 50% of Spanish channels from DTV lineup

- move the remaining 50% to Dish birds :)

- give HD networks, CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS to all (combined) subs

- give Show HD to DTV subs

- give HDNet to Dish subs

- show a middle finger to paranoids in Hollywood :

5C protection is the only one we will accept.

- do something about those confused people

who are about to buy DTV enabeld receivers/TV sets.

These folx have to know they are about to buy obsolete


- accelerate work on unified Dish HDTV STB, with OTA and

Firewire, preferrably 2 moer expansion slots for the future


- give Russian channels to DTV subs, so that my wife

can be happy at last :). DTV promised these 2 years ago,

but never delivered (what else is new).

Strategic devel:

- I like having 1 ellptical dish, with ability to hit 3 birds,

much more than 2 separate dishes (the Dish way) and IMO that

should be the way of the future.

- I am not sure about differences in modulation/transport

streams used by Dish & DTV (both of them are rather

proprietory as they started before the standards we

settled), but @ this point a winner will have to chosen, may be even slightly modified/improved.

- Dish has to realize that there is a significant number of people

that CAN NOT receive signal from Dish birds, but can receive it

from DTV, and vice-versa. It might sound like a logistical nightmare

to keep all the birds, but I would do it :)

Is the merger/buyout still a subject to the regulatory approval ?

I think that Dish getting hold of DTV is better development compared to HD-clueless&unfriendly Murdoch taking ownership.

I hope whatever Dish does will be easy on existing sub base

and will start off by sharing content across the combined sub

base and offering more of it.

1-2Y from now, I wouldnt have problem spending more money

to acquire finalized (and much better, faster, recording-enabled)

STB from Charlie :)


- former Dish sats can be used for spot beaming
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