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High Five, all.

I'm doing an addition that is giving us a 20x26 great room and I'm trying to procure a 135" in-ceiling screen that allows me to have speakers behind it. This will be a great feature in this new room and I'll be getting rid of my 96" stewart screen that is currently in a converted bedroom that operated as a cinema room.

It's been awhile since I've invested a time in studying the screen products and I don't have the time to go through the process as we are already in the framing process. That's where ya'll come in :)

The best option I've found online that handles all these requirements is the Da Lite ADV TNSD 133D or DA85395L at B&H. Or the 16:10 version DA7012LS both about $2600.

Is there any reason to go with something different?

If you have this screen material, I'd love to know comments good or buy before I pull the trigger by end of weekend 4/27.

Thanks for any info you can provide about this product or any other that fits the requirement.:eek:
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