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Ideas for a cheap, VERY portable screen

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I've been reading through the forums here and don't think this question has come up just this way yet.

When people have been referring to portable screens, it seems that is usually meant as you can remove it and put it behind something, in the garage, under the bed, or whatever. Such screens seem to be moveable, but not VERY portable necessarily.

I just bought an X1 -- I need a projector for several wedding-related events this summer and renting one multiple times didn't seem appealing. This is my excuse for buying it ;)

Basically I need to be able to take the projector (easy) and screen (not so easy) in my (not so big) car with me and set up within 5-10 minutes or so. Image quality is not that important, and my budget is not large for this project.

I have seen posts about rollable Polywall materials -- when you roll these sheets, how small does it roll down to and how heavy are they?

My first idea was just something in the shape of a "Connect-4" game board -- some kind of wooden stands on the sides, and then in between them, a sheet of fabric (perhaps with a dowel rod at the top, sewn in). The dowel rod could sit on the top of each wooden stand by just resting in some sort of notch. This wouldn't be a very big screen, since the size of the stands and dowel will be limited by the size of my car.

Anyone done anything that might be appropriate here? Thanks!
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I don't know how cheap you are talking, but a simple tripod model would easily be able to be setup and taken down in a matter of minutes. For even quicker setup, the Deluxe Instatheaters from Dalite work well...but they are more expensive.
Cheap enough that I don't feel bad that I will never use it again after 2 separate occasions this summer. Once I have used it these two times, I will give it a permanent home and won't need the portable screen anymore.

Thanks for the ideas -- probably too much to spend on this though.
Well, you could always use 2 lengths of 1" copper pipe with blackout cloth sewn with sleeves in the ends to slide the pipe into and that way it can be rolled up when you need to move it. make a coule feet for the pipes to go into and if they're weighted, then all you need to do is pull them apart until the cloth isnt sagging. Just a thought I pulled out of my butt, so I dont know how practical it is....
I like this idea. Thanks.

I will have to think about how I would make the feet so that they are sturdy enough when the screen is unrolled and standing.
Yeah if it is only going to be used a couple times, not worth buying one. It would set you back more than renting one.
If you use 3/4" galvenized pipe for the "uprights", use the round base plate flange mounted to 1/4" thick aluminum "feet", you'll have the stands for the screen. You can use a threaded rod at the top and bottom of the screen to seperate the two posts to give it tension.

The whole thing will screw together in minutes and will cost maybe $15.


Don :cool:
Did you say a cheap, portable "screen"?

How about a white pull down shade from Home Depot. Front is has "grain, back is completely flat white.

A large, very portable "screen" for under $50 ;)
Thanks for all the advice -- after a preliminary trip to home depot to see what I could find to use as vertical poles and as feet, my fiancee found a portable 50'' by 50'' Dalite screen on ebay, and bid on it. We won the auction and it was only 10 bucks (plus shipping, so about 20 total).

This is an excellent solution: very cheap, and no effort to put something together.

Perhaps when we are done with it it will go back on ebay to help the next person in a similar situation.
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