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Ideas for making columns, anyone?

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It's been just over two years since I told my wife I was "done" with building and decorating the HT. As most of us AVS'ers know, It really isn't ever done, because I feel a big part of this hobby is the ROOM ITSELF! I have found out that if I keep my wife distracted with little shiny bits of metal and stone, I can creep back into the Ht and start remodeling.

With all that said, I'd like to put six half columns in the room (3 each on the 2 sides) I was thinking of buying those tubes that are used in concrete/construction and cutting them lengthwise and somehow attach those to the wall.

Any ideas?
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Home Depot sells some wood columns. They stock two different styles and you can special order in different sizes and wood types as well as various capitals. They are very nice and finish well, paint grade or faux marble etc.

If your handy with a power saw you can split them yourself, I did. If not you can order them split.

Edit: I think Worthington is the brand at Home Depot, here's the link...

Are you set on rounded columns? If not, squared ones are very easy to make and look nice and modern. I made some out of MDF that covers a base of dimensional lumber (2x4, 2x6, etc) and painted them. Otherwise the HD solution as mentioned above should work. If you used the concrete forms that would work but would require some creativity in covering the outside so you don't see the seams spiraling up, and they might not be as sturdy as wooden ones.
or go too your local carpet re-tailer ask if you can have couple of the cardboard rolls that carpet comes on if you were too cut these length ways and stick 1"x1/4" timber on length ways cover with pva glue sprinkle with some dry sand wait till dry shake off exess sand and paint your desired colour cheap easy ...........and this is DIY after all..........

sounds a bit trashy, but the overall effect will be very nice indeed

you could even add some corbels to the top and or bottom using some old polystyrene prepared in the same way.........
I just used a chunk of 6" PVC for my R2D2 project...it was pretty sturdy..but kind of hard to find. I think it would work for you though!
I'm starting a project using particle board (white) I', building a box from Floor to cieling that covers the AC outlets in my HT. I will wire in lamps on the front, and lead the wire inside to the now hidden plug. They will be covered with Black Felt. THis will give a finished column that looks like I build the wiring into the wall, but avoides fhishing wiring through Dry-wall. I'm still trying to figure out how to attach them to the wall so there are not aperant screws showing. I thought of assembling them first, then attaching to wall, but I'm sure that will show screws.
See the last few pages of this thread http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=574704 for round columns.
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