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Hi all,

I have some difficulties finding the right driver for my new project.

I really hope that you might be able to help.

The project is about building a very small portable speaker set this time, in combination with an as high as possible sound quality.

As you would probably expect, the problem lies with the bass production.

I understand that a small subwoofer will never be able to produce low frequencies as well as a slightly bigger one, however my goal is to come as close as possible.

I need to fulfill these specs of the subwoofer/woofer in order to benefit from the subwoofer design:

- Outer diameter 2.0-2.5 inch (limited by design)

- 4 ohm impedance

- Xmax >= 3mm

- SPL >= 79 dB/W, 1 meter

- Power >= 5 WRMS

Especially the first parameter must lie within the given range, although I know this is a very hard to find (3-inch would have been far more easy, I know..).

So far, I only found the following subwoofer, which limits my possible design choices drastically:

- Audio dayton ND65-4

Does someone know what other loudspeakers on the market fulfill my specifications?

Or maybe any brand I should check out?

Any ideas will be deeply appreciated,

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