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Ideas on tuner card

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Hi yall,

I am attempting to put together an HTPC and have run across a situation that I am lost on. I live in NC, and Time Warner Cable does not have unencrypted HD channels available. (I know - thank you TWC... everywhere else in the country the local channels are unencryted but here they are encrypted). I am not in the right location to get OTA HD - so I will have to go with the cable HD as a video signal source.

My problem is that I want the best picture possible... and I believe that an N6 is just not going to compare to having my computer handle the display duties.

Is there a way to take a signal that is being handled by a cable company cable box into an HTPC and let the pc do the scaling or am I stuck with using an N6 (or another scaler box)?

thanks a bunch. Jessyka
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Welcome to AVS Forum!

I am pretty sure it is a federal law that cable companies cannot encrypt the broadcast digital TV channels-look at post #8 in this discussion:


If you can use this information to get your local cable company to 'fix' their digital local channels, the best cable-ready tuner board is probably the MyHD MDP-130.

You mention scaling, and an N6 (I presume it is the Viewsonic box?)-are you planning to watch SD and/or HD TV on a computer monitor?
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