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Ideas & Suggestions For My Room Setup

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Hey all,

thanks for all the info and knowledge you have crammed into my brain over the past few years i have been on this site. I've decided on which plasma to buy (finally): Pioneer 4270. Now i need some help with deciding what my setup will be. As you can see in the pic, its for my bedroom. Basically i need suggestions for stuff like which mount i should get, to how to manage the wires.

Where my current TV is now is pretty much where i would like the plasma to be. As you can see. my closet is in the way and would need most likely a stand with wheels. Although i have seen mounts that swivel the TV. Would also like to have something that can adjust in height as i would like it to be higher when watching it on the bed. The bookcase on the right hand side will be removed so i was thinking to put my sub in that corner.

The more space i can save the better. I'm not sure if i want a stand with shelves to house all my electronics (theres quite a few other game systems i dont have hooked up
)or some type of storage unit on the side. I would like the area to be

as clean as possible, so basically all the attention and focus is on the plasma.

I dont really have a budget @ this point, right now I'm just looking for ideas. But i cant knock down walls either lol.

Also, where you see the pen holder on the side is where my computer is and there are wires all over the place. Need a few suggestions on whats the best way to keep wires organized and if possible out of sight, WITHOUT going into the walls.

Any questions, comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much guys
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Start on page 1 there are some mounts with wheels and on page there is a

Articulating Arm with 3 PIVOT Points that can be used as well.

As far as wire go you can go with raceways : http://www.crutchfield.com/S-q9LC8q8...=677WS12NT#Tab

Or you can pull any moulding back or put under a carpet..Hope this helps..Ohhh and wire ties will help out alot
also you could run the raceways along the bottom of your wall i look at your pic again and it seems that you dont have any base board, so that actually might be your best bet.

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