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I recently bought a onkyo TX-SR705 from ebay. I'm not convinced its a new one. I have bought onkyo refurb from shoponkyo before. So I know how good a refurb onkyo can look. I noticed the letter 'R' immediately after the serial number. Also , I didn't recieve any A/V cables or speaker wires. I called up the onkyo customer support and they told me that if there is a letter 'R' in the serial number as the 4th Character, it would be a refurb. But I do have a refurb onkyo dvd player which doesn't have 'R' at all in the serial number.

Can anyone who had bought a new 705 confirm whether they had received A/V cables or speaker wires? Also whether their serial number has a 'R' at the end?

Also if any of the experienced forum members can help me identify whether its a refurb or not by the serial number?

I would be grateful for any help recieved in this issue so i can return the item if its a refurb.

Thanks and Regards

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