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IDS Falcon: need help

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i just switched my old TV-Card (TerraTec) for an IDS Falcon and was shocked!

There is no improvement of picture quality at all!!!

The good old "rolling bars" in very dark scenes - produced by the TerraTec - are replaced by a horizontal moving noise interference - no real bars, more like a moving desert storm.

When i look direct into the tubes of my crt (i.e. AVIA black bars) there is a noise in the upper half of the tubes. Looks a little bit like a desert storm or a swarm of flies (Sorry i really can't explain it any better)

The problems is independent of the video format (PAL,NTSC,PAL60) or the connection (s-video, composit).

I can minimize this problem by using a noise filter within DScaler. But this is not a good solution. In this case i could have stayed with my old card.

Oh yes, the problem even occurs when i use the demo/test programs of the ids falcon

I use the following hardware/software:

- AMD athlon XP 1600+

- elitegroup board with KT266

- Radeon 7500

- Windows XP

- DScaler 3.12 (DScaler 3.10)

- different versions of Falcon drivers (actually the latest version)

- DScaler hardware setting: normal BT878 (i checked other settings as well)

Any suggestions or ideas?

Thanks and hmf

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You are lucky....

I have just bought the same card, and am using also Windows XP (professional) and a Radeon 7500.

But I get no video through Dscaler.

What drivers did you download for the card?

How did you install Dscaler?

I gather you tested both S-Video and Composite...

ok, here is my configuration:

Driver for ATI: 6052 (don't use the 6071!!!! Subtitels won't work with PowerDVD)

Driver for Falcon: 4.10 (lates version from ids; just download from the homepages) - DScaler don't really uses this drivers, it programs the BT878 directly

DScaler Version 3.12

Hardwaresetting: normal BT878

You don't have to "install" DScaler. Just extract all the files to a directory and start DScaler.

The configuration works with S-Video (i testet composit only via the ids tools)

Question: Do you get a picture by using the ids demo?


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In the HTPC's BIOS, set PCI Latency to 96 (better) or 64. Also, there's a setting in Dscaler.ini that should be at 95, InitialBDelay, but this has more to do with Macrovision. See if these help with the noise.


Dscaler installs temporary drivers for the Bt 8x8 card, so it doesn't even need one. With my Win98, all I need is to make sure an IRQ was set for the card, and have DirectX installed.
I have a funny feeling... no-one so far who is using composite to feed Dscaler via the Falcon....

I have tried the software tools via composite, and they work (I get picture) but I get no picture via Dscaler...

I will test S-Video I guess. I will have to bring upstairs my VCR (I have 10 meters of composite cable, s-video is quite expensive.... I might just buy another VCR for that purpose).

I have exactly the same setup you have, Carsten, apart from the video drivers. I don't use PowerDVD for picture, but the ATI 7.5 video filters via Zoom Player, the sound comes instead from PowerDVD 4XP; therefore I had no problems with the 6071 so far.
Hi gnollo,

i try to check the composit connection with DScaler - perhaps this evening - and will post you my expirence.

Do you have any noise interference when you use the falcon?

You use ZoomPlayer. Well, i only use PowerDVD because i had a few problems using the ATI Player directly - sound via S/PDIF was a little bit late.

What is the exact filter configuration you use with ZoomPlayer?

I don't know ZoomPlayer very well, how do you reset the region codes?

Ciao and hmf,

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noise reduction and noise issues in general with bt8x8 cards has been discussed many times if you do a search. my best suggestion is that you try using a high quality power supply such as one made by enermax. Upgrading the power supply in my system last year essentially eliminated >95% of my video noise. High quality cables are also a must and you might also try a line conditioner if you electrical lines are noisy.

for a more detailed list of steps you can try:

KBK's noise reduction techniques

fwiw, after hours of doing comparisons, i thought the falcon was a good card but not much different from the rest of the pack. as always, your results may vary.

good luck
Hi rick,

thanks. I am going to use a line conditioner - well, a ups - this evening.

I hope it works!


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Have a look at my signature: "The software config of my WINXP HTPC"

It is a step by step guide on how to setup ZoomPlayer to use the ATI 7.5 filters (don't use the 7.6 MMC) video filters and the PowerDVD 4XP audio filters.

Basically ZP is a software interface that allows you to take the video functionality from one dvd player and the audio functionality from another, and combine them in one seamless application.

Use the latest ZoomPlayer (you will be able to even put trailers at the beginning of your movies... like the DD and DTS ones.. or whatever tickes your fancy).

Make sure you do ALL the registry changes. The ATI video filter sucks without them... I just installed the 7500, so I had to unistall everything and reinstall it, and I tested it prior to the reg hacks, and boy, did it suck!

Send me a pm if you have any questions.
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