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IEC question

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A week ago when I was shopping for IEC connector for my DIY cable, I noticed that there are 2 different types of IEC. One is 20 Ampere and the other is 15 Ampere. Most of my components are using the 15 amp IECs

When looking at the structure/specs they both have 3 pins and they are made of the same platics.... WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?

I have Krell FPB 300c amp, the power cable is hardwired from the factory.

I want to use my synergistic reasearch X series power cable for my Krell. My synergistic power cable uses a 15 amp IEC. Will that be all right if I use 15 amp IEC inlet for Krell?

I am going to have some electrical expert to do this for me.. he will have to remove the krell original wire and solder a new wire for the 15 amp inlet.


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Originally posted by sholei

When looking at the structure/specs they both have 3 pins and they are made of the same platics.... WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?

The pins on the 20a IEC are bigger and thus can carry more current. They are also spaced farther apart. It's a different connector, larger than a 15a IEC. If you saw a 20a IEC that fits into a 15A receptical, it's not listed by any saftey agency and probably not a true 20a connector.

How much current does your amp need? I know some Krell's are class A designs and they use lots of current. A good estimate is to double the RMS power rating of the amp and divide that by 120. This will yield the maximum AC input current.
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Ok just to clarify some things....

My speaker impedance is 4 ohm

My Krell FPB 300c class A output power is 600w/ ch into 4 ohm.

Therefore the calculation will be

output power for 2 channel is 600wx2 = 1200W

so, 1200Wx2 =2400W

Therefore the current will be 2400W/ 120V = 20A

HOWEVER, my Krell uses 220V input. I am using it in Singapore and their electrical voltage is 220V

Because of that the calculation will be: 2400W/220V = 10.90 A

Will 15 A be sufficient? or Do I need to change it to 20 A

thank for the help

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On my 20 amp iec the spades are horizontal as opposed to vertical.
Speaking of which, anyone know of a good brand (and source) for IEC sockets? I am planning on updating a few of my components with IEC connectors instead of hard-wired power cables.

What should I do with ungrounded equipment? Are there high quality Sony style connectors or should I just replace them with an IEC socket sans ground?


You only need 20 ampres if you hook your amp and components to the same outlet (like myself) or

1) running a cloths dryer

2) wielding

Although with transient peaks, your high current amplifier could draw more current for a few milliseconds. It's up to you. I'm sure Steve uses 20 amp dedicated circuits.
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