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If DTS:ES is a 6.1 Discrete system, why would you need 2 more rear speakers.

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I'm very confused with this subject. Surely if DTS:ES is 6.1 dicrete, why would you use 2 more centre back speakers instead of 1.

Otherwise this would have discrete sound coming from all 5(plus sub) usual speakers with the last 2 speakers (left and right rear wall) giving exactly the same track.

It seems the likes of Denon and others are encouraging this psuedo 7.1 way.

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Probably for compatability with THX EX.

Those 2 EX mono speakers are actually the rear stereo speakers when not in EX mode. Same for DTS ES matrix. On some decoders the sides turn off, send the same info they send the rear, or create their own info based on front and rear material.

I assume THX is the only reason.......basically.

They also decorrelate the signal for both speakers, to make them disappear.....not distracting....

The Yamaha DSPAX1 will also use just one center speaker in the rear, unless you run two in parallel. I use a appr. 110 degree rear speakers setup. Now when I play the THX EX "TEX" trailer at home, I already have an almost discreet center, although I am not using a 6th speaker at all, just 5.0 setup. In my case the position of the rears help for good imaging.

If you opt for placing the two rears you already have as sides, one single surround speaker, especially if too close, might become problematic.

Now, alot of High-End manufacturers started some time ago alreday the move towards 7.1 for 5.1 sources (or even Pro-Logic).

It is said that two sides and two rears will also help to cover a lager sweet spot area, for more listeners......




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