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Well after many months of using my ReplayTV I think I finally understand all the the complexities of the scheduling mechanisms. On a good day it actually makes sense! It got me to wondering what we would have if someone else did it:

If the Government did the scheduling:

There would be two general levels of programming priority, Tax based(T) and Tax Free(F). Generally T > F, except when the government feels it should be the other way around, in which case it will never admit to it. If T = T then the program with the highest donation/vote value wins.

The government scheduler(GS) divides up the storage space resource into three. Public(PS), private(ps) and non-profit sectors(NP). The income'ing content stream will be re-distributed to these three sectors as the GS sees fit. The GS uses the Internal Recording Service(IRS) to gather the resources when needed. The rules used by the IRS are purposely very complex to cover every possible contingency. Here are some of the basic rules.

Resource allocation is based on a graduated scale, those having more space will have more taken for the government controlled Private Sector(PS). Whatever is left over, no matter how small is the private sector(ps) and available for your personal usage(1). The PS allocates a very small amount of resource for the non-profit(NP) sector.

The Public Sector is composed of the following programs:

30% Military(Mainly from the History Channel, ...)

60% Social(CSPAN*, Health, TLC, ...)

10% Misc programming(LIFE, ARTS, ...)

The very small NP contains only PBS programs.

You are free to schedule the ps with your own programs. Certain personal programming will alter your distribution of ps. For example if you record "Home Again", "This Old House", "All my Children", ... you will get a deduction from the PS which increases your ps.

(1) certain recordings will cause further additions to the reductions from your ps. Examples are "Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous", "Street Rodder". Twenty percent of any ps gained by watching "Wall Street Week" will be transferred to the PS.

Lastly when your unit has reached the end of it's useful life anyone who inherits it will have a minimum of 50% of it's space permanently removed.

The IRS is provided completely free of charge.


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