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If there were only 2 / Panasonic CT-34WX54 or Toshiba 34HFX84

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Hi Guy`s,

Lets just say that there are only 2 TV`s , the Panasonic CT-34WX54 and the Toshiba 34HFX84 , what would be the best choice ?

Which one has the build quality and the best "analog" picture and the best up-conversion.

I realy need some help !!

My head hurts LOL :D ---- and thats just 2 tv`s :D

Thank you soooo much for any and all help. !! :)

Gary ;)
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I would Recommend the Toshiba. I've had the Panny for about 3 weeks now, beautiful TV, dont get me wrong. However the Toshiba offers a few options that the Panny does not... IE, TWO HDMI inputs as opposed to one, as well as the fact that the Panny does NOT supports 720P, however the Toshiba does... I'm purely waiting on my local Video Only to get more of the 34HFX84's in-stock before I do a swap for them.. Just my two cents.
Toshiba, I was surprised how well the tv handles SD.
Thank Guy`s :D


Keep`m comming !!


Gary ;)
What will your SD source be? OTA through the TV's tuner? DirecTV? Analog or Digital Cable?
Toshiba all the way!

I have this set and it's just amazing!!!
Hey Jedi29-I know we are in this 2 TV world you have created :p but have you checked out or heard anything about the Philips 34PW8502? I have been looking for reviews and searched for opinions out here but haven't heard much of anything. Maybe it's too new of a model, but BB has a really good price on it right now.

Regarding the two tvs you are considering, I've read more positives on the Toshiba than the Panny.
Thanks guy`s for your help !! :D

Source will be , cable ( RF - analog ) , of course digital in the future.

Also , I plan to buy a new dvd player , as the one that I have is not capable of a progressive scan out-put. (DV-09 , Pioneer ).

Philips 34PW8502 ? Nope !! , I must look into that.

But for now , I will effort the Toshiba & Panasonic , thanks !!

Also , which one is the easiest to calibrate ?

Thanks again !! and ...

Keep the comments coming , thanks !!

Gary ;)
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Did you ever choose between the 34hfx84 and 34wx54?

I am looking at both of those as well and would be interested to hear

your success/regrets with your choice.

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I would hold off on the new dvd player until you saw how the old one looked with your new tv. You may be surprised. I see little difference in my dvd picture between progressive and interlaced. Further, a good quality interlaced player may look better than a cheap progressive player, particularly if you are going to use 1080i as your display mode (the Toshiba lets you choose between 540p and 1080i for 480p sources, I do not know about the Panny).
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