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If you could only have 1 of SHO or HBO HD, which would it be?

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Since football season is now over and I've not really watched that many HD Movies movies, I have a big chuck of time on the weekends to watch movies and I wanted to fill that time with either HBO or SHO. I've read all the threads about OAR and that stuff about HBO. My question is which would be the route to take if you can only pick one? My understanding is that HBO has more HD content right now than SHO, but that SHO is going to pick up in the upcoming months. I am not familiar with any of SHO's original programming. Anything good? I know HBO has Curb Your Enthusiam, which I was a big fan of a couple of years ago when I did subscribe. Who would you say has the better selection of movies as far as under the radar great movies? Is there any difference in the percentage of HD movies that are shown in 5.1 surround sound? I've become spoiled by the surround sound with DVDs and I find movies to be much more enjoyable with the surround sound. Any other criteria that I am missing regarding these two premiums? Any feedback would be nice since I intend to add one to the package so I can watch all weekend.
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Get 'em both. Dead Like me on Showtime and The Sopranos and six feet under on HBO. It's a hard choice, but I think I've been more disgusted with Showtime's upconverts than with HBO's lack of OAR. Consumer's don't like bars, I've accepted that, and I'm liking HBO much better now after coming to that realization. Actually HBO has been doing more OAR and Showtime has been doing more HD. I watched Lord of the Rings chopped and cropped on StarzHD the other day. It was nothing short of stunning!

Have I confused you even more?

If I had to cancel one, It'd be Showtime because of the lack of HD.
If I had to pick, it would be HBO just for the content. Their programming can't be beat. However, on DirecTV, ALL the Showtime channels are in DD, while I believe HBO is only the main feeds.
No question in my mind. HBO. I had both, but dropped SHO after a couple months. The movies they show are second rate at best. Although, to be honest, neither has been very good a showing 1st rate movies lately. They just keep repeating movies that bombed at the box office. I wish they would go back in their libraries and add more variety to their schedules.
Ditto, I also had both. HBO simply has more HD.
It's a no-brainer for me. The first premium costs $10/mo and the second, and others, are only $5/mo. That's almost the cost of renting 1 DVD a month and Jeremiah alone on SHO is worth that to me. Plus, I also get StarZ-HD, so the choice is between the 3. It won't be that long and the choices will include MAX, TMC, Bravo, etc.

If I absolutely had to pick only one though, it would be HBO. The Sopranos is great, though they may only be on 1 more year. Carnivale is outstanding, if slow at times, and it will be back for a second season in the fall. I'm sure they have more original series on the drawing boards and their original movies seem to be better and in greater abundance. And, their SD channels offer that many more choices of what to watch.
I started with HBO, especially for the Sopranos, and the like, and added SHO. I'm keeping both. The cost is worth it, since it is more HD. But, if I *had* to have only one, it'd be HBO.
I have to watch Dead Like Me. I also watch Jeremiah and Penn & Tellers Bull$#!+ (new episodes any time soon?) and I can't afford two premiums right now (and SHO has more OAR) so that's the one I have. I did get into Six Feet Under on HBO but I got a really good deal on season one DVDs (used) so I'm just a bit behind everyone else there.
HBO during Sopranos, Sho the rest of the time.
HBO by a long shot. Showtime always looks grainy to me. My other HD channels look great.
I have both. Programming better with HBO (don't forget boxing and other sports shows). SHO includes TMC and, as mentioned above, more channels include DD.
I'll add my voice to the minority and say Showtime. There are more movies that I watch on SHO-HD than HBO-HD. Part of the problem is the movies I do want to watch on HBO are aired at ungodly hours. When a HD-DVR is available to me, my tune may change.

And FWIW, lately I'd even rather have Cinemax over HBO. Unfortunately Max-HD isn't an option yet so I don't bother.
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