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I'll bet a thousand dollars this projector has filament burned tubes !

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Title says it all, I'd bet $1000. this projector has filament burned tubes....
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You could be right. I actually inspected that exact projector (took a note of the serial number) when it was up at Ft. Meade, MD a month or two back. Government surplus obviously. There were two up and the other was an 1999 one which was purchased by a friend of mine ('99 Marquees do not have the voltage problem obviously). That one had about 3000 hours on it but otherwise was mint. His opening bid is just under what he paid for it. I believe it closed for about 3200 + 10% buyer premium. Though it wasn't that busted up (case) when I saw it.

Nope, not even close. The bottom picture bears close examination....:D
That third pic only proves it has a bad HDM too.

I had the opportunity to buy a 9500LC of the same vintage which had similarly PERFECT tubes....... all filament burned so badly they would just barely show the faintest of images at full drive/g2/contrast and brightness. It was very sad to see....

I could very easily be wrong, we'll know in a few weeks when the buyer comes looking for help.
Not to belabor the issue, but it's actually the cathodes that would have failed. THe filaments are still fine.

Do I get the anal retentive award for the night?


this guy is NOT new to this, he sells these machinea on a regular basis and gets good money for them. He would know how to swap out the HDM if that was the only problem. The H-fail light is just hiding another problem like burnet out tube heaters like Paul said.
I would say that if the guy is aware of the 3K fix (new tubes) needed for the 9500 then his/her asking price is a ripoff. Either fix it or sell it for what it is worth -

To sell it for what you got into it - with only hinting at the potential expensive fix will get you shot in alabama...

my 2 pennies
I gave up on this guy a long time ago, he gives you very little information which = no dice

HKSteve, I'm assuming it was you who pulled the trigger on this projector ? Let us know if the tubes are dead or not. I emailed the seller instructions on how to fire it up and get the Hfail light to go away to test the tubes, and he ignored me and relisted "as is".

I'm dying of curiosity to know....

That looked like sequential diagnostic lites all flashing; blown control board or something.....
Good call tim, it certianly looks like more than 1 light is flashing. Who the heck is honkongswisstv and why did he pay $3K for a basket case 9500? Maybe he's going to pay with a special Far East Escrow Service?:D

They would deserve each other then eh??
Originally posted by AVWERKS
I gave up on this guy a long time ago, he gives you very little information which = no dice


Yep he knows just enough about projectors to now what to show and say and what not to show and say. So projectors, presumeably with good phosphor he shows with the lenses off. Others he shows with the lenses on. He deals mostly with government surplus stuff. Though in this instance he actually took a hit as he made less on this projector than he paid for it (based on what I know this projector went for on the ever popular govt surplus site).
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