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I'll pay someone to helpe get HiPix set up right!!!

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I'm serious. I'll call in pizza, mail you a check, send you to the movies...whatever it takes to get someone on the phone to walk me through whatever steps it takes to get the AVS version HiPix working right.

I can't get this big mouse arrow off the screen! I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but now I can't even find the program in "add/remove programs" to start over.

I can get it to work, except there's a 6" tall mouse arrow that won't move whenever I go to my dedicated HDTV/HiPix input on my projector.

I'm not computer savvy enough to figure it out with online help...I often don't understand what is meant, but I follow directions wonderfully, and I'd like to get on the phone for some coaching...I'll pay for the call.

I'm dead serious. Could anyone familiar with this set up a time, at your convienience, to let me call. I'm committed to learning the HTPC properly.

I don't use it for anything but HT, and have no other programs running, not even games.

Please have pitty.

Page me if you wish at 757-671-5111 and I'll call back ASAP. I work shifts, and its probably best to arrange a time.

Hell, I'll even through in a poster of the Spiderman movie that was pulled from sale last year because it had the World trade center reflected in his googles...its a classy, even pretty poster.
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Polite and wishful bump...

Are you using your pass-thru cable?
What version of HiPix are you using?

Are you using a loopback cable?

How are you connecting your pc to your TV? ie. vga to bnc breakout cable or are you using a transcoder like the Audio Authority A096..

We need specifics like your operating system, graphics card, HiPix driver version.

A phone call would be wasted if you haven't downloaded the most recent files.

I highly recommend you dnld HiPix ver 3.5.2 beta1 from http://www.midwinter.com/hipix/ and don't forget the dll patch. Also dnld HiPix driver version

Another thing you can check is if you installed your driver correctly. Instructions for installing the drivers are at the bottom of the page at the link I have provided for you.

Good luck
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Two kind souls have called...one of which is with the HiPix team...many thanks...hope springs eternal.
Originally posted by Jeff Smith
Two kind souls have called...one of which is with the HiPix team...many thanks...hope springs eternal.
So, what are they getting? Pizza? Beer? Naming rights to your first born? Inquiring minds want to know...
Jeff, I know that you only knew me by my first name when I called, but this is my Nick on the boards, I am glad the HiPix team member could help you out.

At this stage they get what they want if it works...even the first born thing (although I'm childless with tied tubes).

I've read so much about all the great features and I just want to be a part of it.

...remember when toys just used to have a one page instruction sheet that no self-respecting guy would look at anyway (sigh)?
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