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I'm about done-thanks to all of you

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The power of the internet never ceases to amaze. 3 months ago I had a mission--to gut a recroom I inherited from a previous owner, and start over. I had a Pulsar CRT and a 50" Hitachi floor TV. The audio was fine with Lexicon, Canton, Velodyne, and Luxmon banks. I had no knowledge in this area . I found this site and started reading and asking questions, and you all have been extremely helpful. Here is how I ended up:

55/40 Fujitsu Plasma to replace Hitachi for day to day viewing

Sim 300 e projector

110" Stewart Firehawk-installed yesterday--wow! what a difference from my 10 yr old Stewart

All that is really left is my Phillips Pronto 7000 which is being programmed. Am I done or would you suggest anything else??

Thanks again for your patience and kindness. Don't know that I will be posting much, primarily because I should stay away from upgrade fever. My family just watched Mission Impossible 2 and were amazed at what the new technology has to offer. Gratefully yours, TERRY
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You cant do much better than the 300E. Congratulations and I think we will all understand you wanting to stay away from the forum for awhile:)

By the way the Pulsar CRT was THE very first product I took on 15 years ago

when I first started my business. Boy that brings back memories.

Happy home theatering:)
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Gouger, we couldn't do much better than having you as our host either. Your posts have a nice touch to them.
Alan: Thanks. You have been a tremendous help. BTW, if you know anyone who wants an old Pulsar , let me know. You are the first person who recognized the name. Everyone I talked to had never heard of it. It was made by Zenith, I believe.
Originally posted by viperdrummer
. Am I done or would you suggest anything else??



Tactile devices

& in 9 months or so HDDVD then soon after Blue Ray HD

Actually get out before it is too late :)

I came here in 1999 with the intent on learning , buying and leaving. Since then I have visited the site almost daily.

I have upgraded surround processors and DVD players 5 times.
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