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I'm getting ready, I think, to pull the trigger later this week on a new system for the den...I think a 46" LCD FP is probably the right size for the room, and, due to widely circulated reports of problems with the Sony Bravia and Sharp Acquos displays, I will probably end up with a Mitsubishi LT46131 display. This model has two HDMI inputs.

Where I need some help is in picking the receiver. I currently have a Phillips non upscaling prog scan DVD player with HDMI output, which I like a lot...it's fairly new, and plays DIVX files great, of which I have a lot. I also have an extensive collection of DVD's. We will also be using the system with BHN HD cable, with an SA 8300HD DVR (also with HDMI out). I thought, since the Mitsubishi panel is true 1080P, I might buy an upconverting DVD player, such as an Oppo 981, and hook it directly to one of the HDMI inputs of the TV, thus getting a true 1080P upconversion of the DVD.

However, I'd also like to somehow scale the output of the SA 8300HD cable DVR to 1080 (progressive, ideally, but interlaced would, I guess be acceptable, as well).

So I thought, rather than getting the upscaling DVD player, maybe I should get some sort of receiver that would not only upscale the output of the DVD player, but also the output of the cable box. Does that make sense? I have looked at the Pioneer VSX-82TX, which is in my price range. Does it play nice with the DVD player HDMI input, as well as the cable DVR? How about hooking it up via the HDMI out to the Mitsubishi? Any reported problems?

How about general impressions of what I'm trying to do...am I way off base here? Is there another better way of doing this? I have to tell you, this HDMI stuff can be really confusing-I keep hearing that even though it's supposed to be a standard, this or that TV/receiver/cable box don't work with each other, etc...

I'm counting on all you experts out there to not let me mis-spend my hard earned money!

Thanks a bunch in advance for any advice,

David Baker

Merritt Island, FL
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