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I'm confused please help me decide: Primus 250 or Polk R30 or anything?

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I've decided to put my HSU VT-12 on sale at ebay. I am not really impressed with it's sound quality despite some good reviews. Now I am trying to decide on what speakers to get. I will be using this on my Panny XR50 receiver.

For now my plan is to just go with a 3.1 system. My choice is between:

- 2 Primus 250 floor standing with a C25 center

- 2 Polk R50 floor standing with a CS1 center

I am also considering these 2 5.1 speaker packages:

- Infinity Primus Home Theater Pack.

- Polk Audio RM6005

Are these considered step-ups from the VT-12?

Please help me choose. I will use it 95% of the time for movie watching. Also, is the Polk CS1 the matching center for the R30's?

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The CS1 is more-or-less the match. The CSi20 is the true match. You might check outpost.com for some good deals on the Polk series you are looking at.
Are you pairing up the above speakers with a sub?

listen to both of the floorstanders and choose the one you think sounds best.

I'd stray away from the Primus theatre pack, they come with the primus 140s, the least I would go would be bookshelfs with at least a 5.25" woofer.
Thanks to those who have replied so far. Yes I am pairing it with a sub. Is there any place where we can get a deal for the CS1? They're $199 at Frys. I noticed they have the special for the R30s today for $99 a pair. Which is better by the way to those who have auditioned both the Primus 250 and R30? Is it even fair to compare them?
Many people went and listened to the Primus 250s a few months ago during COMPUSA's clearance. Some liked the sound, some didn't. One user didn't like it but brought a pair home anyway and felt the sound was greatly improved while listening in his home environment.

Try to listen to both speakers in an ideal listening environment (I know, it's hard) and choose the one that sounds best.
Is it possible to start with a pair of R30s along with my subwoofer if I can't find a deal on the center? Will is still be okay for watching movies? I can audition the R30s at Frys later but for the Primus 250, I can't find a place who has a good setup to audition it. CCity's setup in our area is always crappy.
Yup, that will be fine. Some people don't even use a center speaker and let their fronts handle the center information. Many people start building their HT slowly by starting with just the front pair and upgrade when funds allow it. When you set up your receiver, set center speaker to no and your receiver should automatically route the center channel information to your fronts.
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