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I'm going into serviceman mode...

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I have a Panasonic CRT (Model CT32SF37B) that I'd like to get a little better performance out of. For many years it was great, until my DVD player gave up the ghost, and I replaced it during hard financial time with one I've never been happy with. The issue is when I adjust the TV with DVE patterns from the DVD (model escapes me at the moment), my first and foremost complaint is that it makes everything coming from cable look lousy. I've tried playing with the adjustments in the DVD, but they don't really do enough... the tv only has one set of settings it uses for every input.

So... I've downloaded the service manual to try and look for things that might help me. Specifically, the problems are brightness/contrast related. Colors are OK. There are a number of registers whose description doesn't quite do it for me, and I'm hoping someone here can help me decode them (for the moment I'm not listing anything that sounds like I should stay away from it)...

"B" Registers (sub-data):

B0-B3: Sub- (Color, Tint, Brightness, Contrast) I think I'm ok here... not going to solve my problem.

B5: Sub Brightness for AI... huh? AI is an on/off setting in the user menu that is described by the manual as "correct contrast of the picture from scene to scene"... now, I THINK, I'll have to check, that the set let's me turn AI on for the s-video inputs I'm using from my STB, but locks it off for the component inputs from the DVD... so is this a way I can "trick" the TV into using a different brightness setting for the 2 different inputs?

B7: Sub-Color Correlation (AI-ON) ... obviously this has something to do with the AI mentioned above, but what?

B8: Sub-Tint Correlation (Video): huh?

Then in the C registers (cutoff adjustment), C3 and C4 are Brightness and Sub-Brightness respectively... they have slightly different ranges and default settings than the sub brightness in the B registers... what gives? Are these the same/different/related? The rest of the registers in this area are clearly for grayscale adjustment (Cutoff R,G,B, R Drive, B Drive, no G Drive?)

Don't think I'm gonna mess with it, but in the D registers (pincushion adjustment):

D0: vertical amplitude, and

D3: horizontal amplitude... can these be used to reduce oscan?

D9: Vertical EHT

Da: Horizontal EHT, what are these?

"S" Registers (options): Are these gamma adjustments? How do they work? (if they are, that could actually help solve my problem, as with my cable settings, the biggest complaint is shadow detail...)

S0: PRE/Overshoot

S1: Black expansion gamma

S2: White gamma level

S3: White Gamma Gain

S4: Small Gamma Level

Sc: Grad. of Contrast

Anyone got some old time knowledge about how these adjustments work, or suggestions (other than spending money) for how else to tweak this? I'm sick of having compromised settings for both cases, and I can't deal with making adjustments every time I switch sources...

Thanks in advance...
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