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Hey, I'm Joe by the way - new here.

You may not have heard of the exciting Gemini XTR-500!!!!

-That's because it seems to be junk.

Regardless it's the system that my organization has for playing music at parties/social events. Most of the venues aren't any larger than a couple hundred square feet- Small town.

So anyways to get on with the purpose of this thread...

The subwoofer would appear to be blown, although it's hard to tell a difference because there was always some level of distortion during the high bass output. This system is not exactly top of the line.

Budget here is minimum without wasting money on junk, all of this will probably be coming out of my pocket just because I know how hard it would be to get funds to repair this when a lot of the other people involved would not even understand that there is a problem.

Recommendations for a replacement subwoofer that will work with the existing amp?

Here are the specifications from the companies website.

- 2 XTR-SAT 10 Trapezoidal loudspeakers & 15 powered subwoofer

- Efficient MDF Bandpass subwoofer enclosure w/ 35mm Standmount

cap andwheels

- 3-channel power amplifier & active crossover built-in to subwoofer

- 230 watts RMS on subwoofer channel

(Subwoofer Freq. Response: 100Hz to 20kHz)

- 85 watts RMS per satellite channel

(Satellite Freq. Response: 35Hz to100Hz)

- 400 watts total RMS and 800 watts peak power

- 120dB total continuous SPL

- Individual channel Sensitivity/Volume controls

- Balanced XLR and 1/4 inputs

- Speakon outputs for satellite channels (Cables Included)

- Variable speed fan

I'm also open to the idea of constructing a new box for the sub if it would be helpful and someone would point me in the right direction, I've constructed a few mdf subwoofer boxes for car applications.

The controller for all of this is a an American Audio Q-D1 MKII by the way.



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Alright I'll go ahead and post it on the DIY forum if a MOD could delete it from here, thanks.
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