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I'm having a panic attack!

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My anxiety levels are shooting up to the point where it can no longer be healthy. I can't decide on a TV. I finally went and ordered the Sharp 32 in. LCD Aquous LC32D4U.

Now I'm worrying it was the wrong choice!

It was actually $43.00 more than the 42 inch Samsung I had on order. I had read such bad things about the Samsung DNIe, I decided to go with the Sharp. $43.00 more for 10 inches less seems slightly ridiculous.

The sharp is HD versus the Samsung which was ED, but I currenly only have 1 HD channel to run through it (ABC).

Could someone either calm or confirm my fears? Is this a great little TV? So great its 32 inches surpass Samsung's 42?

The TV doesn't arrive until the 30th, and I'm having bigtime buyer's remorse. Is it justified, or did I make a good choice?

Do movies look decent on a 32" screen, or am I basically back down to my traditional 27", which cost over $1,000 dollars less? :eek:

I could still up this to a 37" Sharp (for a lot more money) or cancel completely and order a different brand, if the AQUOS line is no good. You have no idea how much any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Personally I would've gone with the Panasonic ED - no DNIe, highly regarded, and of course, 42".
Originally Posted by Chris_006
Personally I would've gone with the Panasonic ED - no DNIe, highly regarded, and of course, 42".
The Panny 42" has the best picture I've ever seen. I have one sitting in front of me right now. Unfortunately, at the advice of Panasonic (seriously -- you can read all about it in another thread I posted here), I'm taking it back and waiting for next year's (or the following year's) model.

Versus a 42" Samsung Plasma EDTV and a 32" Sharp LCD HDTV, which would you take (if they were the same price, which they pretty much are)?
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