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Im having a problem with my dv563a (I think)

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I rented three dvds from Hollywood video last weekend. I towards the very end of at least two of them (we cant remember if it happend in the first one) the DVD would give me an odd sort of problem, I dont really know how to describe. The sound would stuter and drop out and the video would skip and freeze, if I left it it would eventually go back to normal, but the problem would just happen agian.

I assumed it was the DVDs I looked at all of them and they were badly smudged and scratched. But today I put in my copy of Die Another Day that was previously unopened, and it happened again, although this time it started in the fencing scene, which is much earlier than the other times.

Why I think it might not be the DVD player: First I have had it for more than a month and not had this problem before. When I take out the film and put it back in it happens at the same spot. I swaped DAD for Lilo and Stitch, which we have already watched with out problems. And its still on, and it hasnt given me a problem yet. I have since taken out Lilo and stich and put back in DAD and it happened again in the same spot.

Any and all help is appreciated.
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after I posted I decided to try DAD in my laptop and it played the problem scence with out any trouble at all...I wonder what this means?
Hi. I have a 563A and I get weird static from CDs, but only at the end of long ones. I'm going to return it tomorrow. I think these players may have a problem with the outer edge of discs. Kinda weird, though, since I believe CDs and DVDs use separate lasers.
Well I tried Pearl Harbor this morning and got a similar problem, the video would skip and freeze, but the audio just stoped, I wonder if this is because it was playing in DTS as opposed to DD? :confused:

I thought something might have gotten onto the lens, so I went over to best buy and picked up a dvd lens cleaner, but that didnt help.

And I called onecall to see if the warranty was still good, they said only 15 days.

And I called Pioneer and they only have service from 6-430 mon through friday. :(

I have no idea what to do.
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My DV-563A works fine with most DVDs but once in a while the picture freezes with certain DVDs . This weekend I had a strange problem :the picture would be pixelated on moving objects on one of my DVDs... anybody knows what could be the reason ????
I was gonna suggest you clean you dvd's b/c I had a similar prob once and that fixed it, but you did that already and it didn't help so....phlllttttt... I don't know.

Sucks, though.
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