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I'm having aproblem with network connections in one of my rooms....

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A few months ago, when we bought our new house, we were doing a ton of Drywall Work.

In my infinite wisdom, I decided to run cat5e and RG6 cables to all rooms of the house, to prepare for Cable/Ethernet installs.

Now I am having an Issue. In at LEAST 3 rooms of the house I have multiple Ethernet connections.

The way it is set up is that I have all 8 rooms connectoed to an 8 port netgear switch, which connects to my router.

In almost all rooms, ONE device will work just fine. In my Front office, I have 2 COmputers, an HD Cable box with an Ethernet port, and an XBOX 360. I can only ever hook up one at a time, so I figured I would buy another switch for the Desktop.

Problem is, as soon as I hook everything up to the switch, and power it up... Nothing gets connection. How do I split the signal in each of the rooms? I understand now that I should have probably run multiple cat5e's to each room, but that part is too late. Is there any way to split the signal in each room now?
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Are you sure you bought a switch and not a router? Plugging a switch into your network will not cause anything to fail (please post a link to the switch you bought).

If you bought a switch with a built in router then it could be causing interference with the other router on your network thus causing all of your devices to be confused as to where to send data.
The switch I installed is a DLink DGS-2208. I'm pretty careful not to make that mistake, as I have done that in the past.

The way it is setup is:

Main Router: Verizon GT704WGB

Line One from the Router went to a Linksys EZXS88W in the Garage that Switched the signal to the other 5 Locations in the House.

Line 2 From the Router Went to a DGS-2208 in the Main Family room that the HTPC, XBox 360, MediaSmart Server, and Cable Box plugged into.

One of the signals from line one went to an Ethernet Keystone in the office that I had been using for the internet. When I decided to try and add lines, I dropped in another DGS-2208 to split the line there. It failed. Miserable. Constant "Unidentified Network" and "limited or no Connectivity" errors.

I tried to troubleshoot it, to no avail. I even swapped the Linksys EZXS and DLink DGS-2208 to see if the "Uplink" port on the Linksys would solve the problem of chaining Switches. Nope.

Now, when I plug my computer BACK into the Wall Keystone. I get nothing. Shows the Cord is unplugged. I uninstalled the Netcard drivers and reinstalled, only to get an unidentified Network error. No limited Connectiviy.. just UN.

Ran a line straight from the router into my Computer, bypassing all switches. Still no connectivity.

So now, not only have I NOT been able to add the lines I need in the office, I have manged to remove the only line I HAD. LoL.

It has NOT been a good night.
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Okay. I managed to get the line from the router to the computer up and running, and have since plugged that line into the DGS-2208 in the office and have everything hooked up.

The problem now? I have a 50' Ethernet cord run from the router to my office. And it's Dark Blue on Tan tile, so the wife is NOT amused. LoL.

I have come to the conclusion that the Problem is in Stringing the LInksys and the Dlink together off of the Router.

I can work around this problem for the office by jumping the line back through the wall into the router, instead of into the linksys. It's messy as hell though, and I can't do it for the other 2 rooms I need to do the same thing with.
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Just my 2 cents but the feedback on the egg indicates version C of the 2208 can be a problem as it's power supply is 5 V and version D uses a 7-7.5V one...

I'm not suggesting changing the brick, just pointing out that there are both good and bad feedback on these consumer sites

There was also mention of poor performance from Cat 5 and 2-pair installations; but you're using Cat 5e and I'll assume all 4-pairs, correct?
Theoretically, it shouldn't happen, but I have experienced conflict with switches of different brands on the same network. I now try to stay with the same brand if at all possible.

Is it perhaps an address conflict? If two devices both want, say, as their address neither will work. You can usually assign a different address in the set up pages of your switch or router.

Originally Posted by nfmmalice /forum/post/19600928

How do I split the signal in each of the rooms? I understand now that I should have probably run multiple cat5e's to each room, but that part is too late. Is there any way to split the signal in each room now?

Just install a network switch in each room that needs more than 1 connection.

Connect the patch cable from the wall to one of the ports. Connect the devices in the room to the the other ports. I do this in my network, with D-Link and Netgear switches.

BTW I've used a DGS-2208 switch for several years. It seemed dead yesterday. Turns out the switch was still good, but the power adapter was faulty. It still put out 5.1 volts unloaded, but the voltage dropped to 4.1 VDC when connected to the switch.


BTW you need to determine if you have a wiring problem (e.g. kinked Ethernet cable?) or a network configuration issue. You need a cable tester to easily eliminate the wiring question first. Is your good 50' cable pre-made?
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